Radial Impeller

Radial Blower



Radial Impeller Apzem Customs Built fans from smaller to larger size can be made. To handle gas volume and pressure in single stage with technical known how from Apzem .Our Radial blower design incorporates maximum flexibility, allowing selections at very high efficiency. Centrifugal fans are available in different blade configurations depending on the application, Temperature, Medium of air and dust load.


1.Radial bladed and backward curved wheels
2.Split bolted housings with side cover plates provide installation versatility and easy clean out
3.Flow reversible for either rotation and rotatable to eight discharge positions
4.Performance verified in AMCA accredited lab


Apzem custom designs and manufacturers Radial Blower of different capacity, sizes and finish for different applications:

Coming Soon............


1.General ventilation for any type room or area.
2.Spot cooling of heat generating equipment.
3.Temporary spot cooling.
4.Cooling personnel in areas that require rugged equipment.


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