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The high-pressure blower was designed and manufactured by Apzem .The client required a highly efficient, self-cleaning fan that could also operate within stringent power requirements.The Apzem team designed, developed and test the entire process, which culminated in the production of an extremely large high-pressure blower, with an impeller. The fan was constructed high quality materials.

The high-pressure blower from Apzem has been designed to move low-to-medium volumes of air at high static pressures. With its design, this high-pressure impeller provides consistent performance through variable air flow at or near a constant pressure.Apzem heavy-duty, high-pressure blower is constructed of continuously welded material, which provides a higher quality product compared to riveted construction. These high-pressure impeller are primarily used to move clean air, but they also have the capability to move some material-laden air.


1. Efficient wheel design provides smooth stable air flow
2 Wide performance range afforded by 70 wheel/housing combinations
3. Heavy gauge housings and pedestals rigidly braced for strenuous duty
4. Available in four arrangements and eight discharge positions; belt drive or direct drive


Apzem custom designs and manufacturers Direct Driven Blower of different capacity, sizes and finish for different applications:

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Apzem Design high pressur e blower is designed for combustion, air, fluid bed aeration, cooling, drying and many process system applications. It is also commonly used in pneumatic conveying systems.


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