Forward Curved Impeller

Forward Curved Blower

Forward Curved  Blower


A forward curved blower with high-speed motor drive and high quality impeller technologyare used according to custormer needs.. The use of this tyoe of blower material which enables impellers of high strength an high efficiency. This construction allows for higher rotational speeds, which results in higher pressure capabilities.

Our engineers will customize one of our blower to ensure it performs at your exact requirements. Whether it is for special orientations, unique material to withstand high temperatures or corrosive gasses, or a custom size to meet your ductwork require-ments - we have the design expertise to match your process.


1.High efficiency Backward Inclined Wheel
2.Stable air flow over entire performance range
3.Rugged industrial strength construction
4.Efficiencies over 80%
5.steel wheel cone optimizes air flow


Apzem custom designs and manufacturers backward inclined Blower of different capacity, sizes and finish for different applications:

Coming Soon............


1. Forced cooling of AC and DC motors
2. Ink drying
3. Combustion air
4. Electrical enclosure cabinet ventilation


1.Forced cooling of AC and DC motors 2.Ink drying 3. Combustion air 4. Electrical enclosure cabinet ventilation


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